Judge Hochberg has either presided over or mediated settlements in the following representative types of cases:

Mediated settlement of complex securities class action alleging securities fraud in market for auction rate securities. 

Multidistrict litigation of consolidated antitrust class actions involving pharmaceuticals.

Multidistrict Hatch-Waxman  patent litigation

Large class action against healthcare plan

Multidistrict litigation of consolidated class actions involving commercial casualty and employee benefit insurance. 

Antitrust class action involving branded and generic pharmaceutical industries.

Mediated settlement of complex biotechnology contract dispute.

Copyright licensing dispute involving  textbook publisher and photograph licensor. 

Construction litigation involving allegations of fraudulent transfer to avoid civil judgments.

Nationwide Consumer Product Class action against major appliance manufacturer alleging design defect. 

Toxic tort suit alleging carcinogenic effect of chemical widely used in retail establishment

Suit alleging violation of Federal Stored Communications ACT involving employee social media chat room.

Mediated settlement of decades old asbestos cases.